Required ID & USPS Form

There's two things you'll need to do before we can begin accepting mail for you.

First, we'll need two forms of photo ID, more than likely a copy of your passport and driver's license. That's mostly for us, but also for any government entities who want us to make sure we know who we're working with. 

We'll also need a signed, notarized copy of Form PS1583 from the USPS, granting us permission for us to act as your agent, allowing us to legally accept and open mail on your behalf.

Even if you live in another country, we live and work in the US, which means we have to do this.

One note about the form: it needs to be notarized to be legally binding.

If you personally know a notary public (the person who can do this for you) or can find one close to you, then you're good.

Some banks offer the service, as do some embassies.

However, if you're on the go or need it done quickly, there are a number of online providers who can help you out.

We recommend - it'll cost around $25 (most online notary services cost about the same) but it'll be done quickly. You'll also need a legal ID, like a passport, in order to do so. Since the notary needs to visually see you, you'll also need a webcam of some kind as well as a microphone.

If you'd like to download the form, you can do so at this link.

Make sure to follow these instructions on the form - again, the notary has to physically watch you sign it.

Once it is notarized, send it to us along with your two forms of photo ID and we'll be good to go!

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

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