Take Control of Your Shipping

(and your life)

Our business model is fairly simple.

We provide our customers with a US sales-tax-free shipping address, receive packages for them, and reship them to our customers based on their requirements.

In short, we do one thing: provide exemplary reshipping services around the world.

However, inside that, there are a number of other services we are able to provide as well.


Combine multiple incoming packages into one outgoing package to save you money?

Of course!

We consider consolidation a standard part of the reshipping process - it's why we don't charge you for it.

At all. Never. Zero.

No complex calculations, no hidden charges.

We consolidate your incoming packages as a matter of course to help save you money.

B2B / Third-Party Logistics

We ship and receive packages. It's what we do.

If sending out products to your customers is taking up a bigger and bigger chunk of your daily or weekly workflow...

Or if you want to provide your customers with deeply discounted shipping rates...

Then click here to reach out to us.

Assisted Purchases

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, some US-based stores won't accept orders from outside the US.

That's when we step in.

For a reasonable fee, we'll assist in the purchase of your items.

Please contact us for further information on this service.

It's a global world, and there's no need to be restricted by companies who either refuse to ship to your location or, if they do, charge incredible prices for a few small items. Third-party logistics, van-life digital nomad or someone who just fell in love with something they saw online and the store won't ship to their country.

We've got your back.

ISC Reshipping helps you get your shopping under control by saving you money. Plus, with our sales-tax free location, you can save money on bigger ticket items (and small ones, too). Sign up today and realize what shopping in a global world should be like.

As we say... take control of your shipping (and your life). Indeed.

Take Control of Your Shipping (and your life)

1. No Consolidation Fees

Consolidation is part of the reshipping process. We feel you shouldn't have to pay for something that should be standard - so we don't charge for it.

2. No complex or confusing pricing calculations

Our pricing structure is simple and transparent - no hidden fees, no complex or confusing calculations. Easy for you and us.

3. No Sales Tax

With our offices in the Portland, OR Metro area, you'll enjoy the freedom - and savings - of shopping sales tax-free at virtually every online store in the US.

Start saving money with ISC Reshipping.

Multiple Carrier Options

Our mission at ISC Reshipping is clear: provide an exemplary personalized package forwarding service at transparent, competitive prices.

After years on both sides of the package forwarding and parcel reshipping equation, we knew there was a better way.

Transparent. Competitive. Personal.

If that's something you could benefit from or enjoy, there's only one thing left to do.