Basic Membership Page

Want to save time on your outgoing shipments?

Notify us in advance of any incoming shipments. Tell us where they are going and how you'd like them sent and we'll have an invoice to you within one business day of their arrival, often less.

Or, if you have a number of packages already delivered and want to send them out, please fill out the "Ship Already Delivered Package" form (below).

This works for all types of packages or mail that is delivered for you: repackaging, consolidation or simply shipping as-is.

Of course, if time is not of the essence or you simply want us to hold the delivery and notify you by email as we normally do, then there is no need to fill out the form.

But for those times when you want to get the jump on shipping your packages out, we're there for you.

It's all part of our commitment to making sure your reshipping experience is personalized and convenient to you.

Ship Incoming Package form

(use when you have incoming packages you want to ship out right away, either by themselves or in combination with other already delivered packages)

Ship Already Delivered Package form

(use when you have no incoming packages but want to ship packages that were already delivered)

How does it work? Simple.

1. Join the ISC Family.

2. Send your items to your virtual address at our location.

3. You tell us how and where you want them sent.

See? Simple.

Multiple Carrier Options

Our mission at ISC Reshipping is clear: provide an exemplary personalized package forwarding service at transparent, competitive prices.

After years on both sides of the package forwarding and parcel reshipping equation, we knew there was a better way.

Transparent. Competitive. Personal.

If that's something you could benefit from or enjoy, there's only one thing left to do.